Revamp of the L-24/7 Diesel Hydrotreater (HDT) Unit at OAO NAFTAN

Refinery JCS Naftan - Novopolotsk, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

Plant capacity 100.8 T/h, technology FLUOR/ALBEMARLE CATALYST
Revamp with aim of produce Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel with max 10 ppm sulfur in accordance with EN 590 specification.

 Project activities:
- Detailed I&C design project, specifications of instrumentation equipment and control systems
- P&I diagrams design
- Equipment and cable tray layout, loop diagrams (ESD, DCS)
- On site supervision for I&C installation and stratup
 Control systems:
- Distributed Control System  (DCS) Yokogawa Centum
- Emergency Shutdown system (ESD) Yokogawa ProSafe RS
 Number of signals:
- 3600 input/output signals